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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to Kerry's World!

Homeschooler V Middle School (available wherever you buy your ebooks - just 99 pennies!)

So? I assume you've read it, or maybe just heard about it. Can you imagine naming your kid Kerouac? Believe me, I've met kids with weirder names. I taught preschool for ten years, and it was mind-boggling the number of spellings parents figured out for standard names like Austin and Madison, much less the original names they developed all on their own.

In Europe I was asked how I was allowed to name my daughter her (fairly) unique name - in Austria and France you have to pick a name from a registry. They couldn't believe I could just make something up!

My daughter can. She has one of those spell-at-first-introduction names.

She's forgiven me.

I'm going to get back to typing on my next book - To The Rescue!

But I'll leave you with a cute picture. My daughter also collects sheep. They have a whole life of their own when she's not snuggling them. I swear, it's like Toy Story. These two have fallen madly in love. It's adorable. Ram loves ewe!