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Monday, July 14, 2014

Well, Keigh Serah is back on the writing train again. I am getting ready to publish my feminist swashbuckling tale of revenge, "To The Rescue!" Strong female lead, check. Adorable cross-species sidekick who can fly? Check. A prince who needs rescuing. Check. A mysterious pirate in a mask?

It's all there. Naughty bits too. On paper you'd call those parts a left-handed read, but we'll coin a new term - a mouse for the non-dominant digits. Not very snappy. Need to work on that.

My friend is publishing a blog about shoes -
It's comfort food for the eyes is the intention.
She's accepting pictures from readers to add to the viewing pleasure. Just snap some decent pics of some of your best shoes, write a short description of where you found them and where they've been.

It's like peeking into each others' closets, only not creepy. Just footwear, please.

Send them to

Way to participate.

These pics are from the play version of  my novel, Homeschooler v. Middle School.
What a blast.

Socrates, Cyrano, and Caesar.

Kerouac's first day of real school. Hoy boy, does she have a few things to learn!

Catch you next night out!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to Kerry's World!

Homeschooler V Middle School (available wherever you buy your ebooks - just 99 pennies!)

So? I assume you've read it, or maybe just heard about it. Can you imagine naming your kid Kerouac? Believe me, I've met kids with weirder names. I taught preschool for ten years, and it was mind-boggling the number of spellings parents figured out for standard names like Austin and Madison, much less the original names they developed all on their own.

In Europe I was asked how I was allowed to name my daughter her (fairly) unique name - in Austria and France you have to pick a name from a registry. They couldn't believe I could just make something up!

My daughter can. She has one of those spell-at-first-introduction names.

She's forgiven me.

I'm going to get back to typing on my next book - To The Rescue!

But I'll leave you with a cute picture. My daughter also collects sheep. They have a whole life of their own when she's not snuggling them. I swear, it's like Toy Story. These two have fallen madly in love. It's adorable. Ram loves ewe!